Belle Suite

Hannah “Belle” Goodwin operated the home as a men’s boarding house in the 1900′s, so we felt she deserved the naming rights to the largest suite in the home. The Belle Suite is on the first floor and is the perfect romantic getaway. A roomy two-person bathtub in half of the room beacons you to relax in warm bubbles. An adjoining dressing room features your own private shower and commode. An oversized marble and mahogany king bed fills the other half of this deliciously rich chocolate and raspberry colored room. We think Hannah “Belle” would be pleased!

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Accessibility Info

The Belle Suite is on the 1st floor with the bedroom door measuring 34 1/2″ wide. This is open concept room with a king size bed which is 33″ high. Inside the room is a two person soaker tub with handle to help with getting in and out. The bathtub is 23″ high. The door leading to the shower and commode is 34 1/2″ wide with the walk-in shower being 30″ wide.