Where to Find Fall Foliage in Oshkosh, WI

Pumpkin patches, apple cider, and cooler weather. Fall is in the air! If you want to get out and enjoy the sights, it isn’t very hard. You can find bursts of color just about anywhere in town but there are some spots that are too stunning to pass up. Visit Oshkosh this autumn and take in the sights with these gorgeous sights. 

Asylum Point Park & Lighthouse

North of Oshkosh lies one of the most scenic parks on Lake Winnebago. Asylum Point is the site of an old hospital for those seeking extra care, but the showstopper is the lighthouse overlooking the bay. A quaint brick lighthouse is topped with a copper fish weathervane and peers over the shoreline and lake. Pack a picnic and enjoy the contrast of the blue waters and the colorful forested shore. 

On a Golf Course 

Rolling green fairways, clear blue skies, and large trees filled with fall color. Golf courses are some of the prettiest places to enjoy fall color. Oshkosh Country Club and Far Vu Golf Course are two of the best golf courses in the region and just so happen to be right outside of Oshkosh. Book a tee time and enjoy your time strolling the fairways in the cooler autumn weather. 


Terelle’s Island

Just west of town on Lake Butte des Morts lies a serene little preserve with hiking trails, birding opportunities, and of course, fall color. There is a three-mile breakwall trail that leads you around a marsh and through an old forest. Bring a pair of binoculars as fall is a perfect time to spot migrating waterfowl. 


Paine Art Center & Gardens

Autumn is one of the best times to visit the Paine Art Center & Gardens. These historic gardens always have something in bloom and the beauty of the property is only exaggerated by the rich fall colors on the trees. The gardens and mansion are open by reservation only until October 31st so plan your visit before its too late. 


The University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh

Even if you’re not a textbook toting college student or UW alumni, you should take a stroll around the University of Wisconsin campus. The campus is filled with grand brick buildings, large perfectly manicured lawns, and a diverse selection of deciduous trees. During autumn, these trees transform into a mirage of deep oranges, bright yellows, and striking reds. 

Menominee Park

With lake views, large shade trees, and a thriving zoo, Menominee Park is the perfect place for a fall color excursion. Take a loop around the park and check out the Chief Oshkosh statue with a view of the lake. Pro Tip: For one day of your stay, rise early and head to the park to watch the sunrise over Lake Winnebago. The fall colors are even more magnificent with the early morning rays of sun upon them. 


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