What To Do On a Chilly Day in Oshkosh, WI

Every now and then a cold front comes in that makes going outside simply not an option. When these days come along, you’re not out of luck, you just need to redesign your itinerary. Swap birding and walking around the zoo for hatchet throwing, bowling, and visiting one of Oshkosh’s great museums. 


Throw Hatchets at Blades and Boards

When else do you have a chase to hurl an axe? Test your strength and precision at Blades and Boards. This oczy little hangout is surrounded by targets that you can practice throwing axes at. Their trained “Axperts” will help you with your form, give you tips, and celebrate alongside you when you land that bullseye. Blades and Boards also sells refreshments and snacks or you can have food delivered from your favorite restaurants. 


Visit a Museum

Oshkosh is home to more than one amazing museum. The EAA Aviation Museum draws visitors from all around the world to browse the collection of planes and learn about the history of flight. Visit the Oshkosh Public Museum and learn all about the history of this gorgeous town. Take a tour of the Paine Art Center and explore the art collections and architectural features of the estate.  

Grab a Hot Cup of Coffee

Nothing is quite as comforting as a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day. Luckily, Oshkosh is overflowing with incredible coffee shops. New Moon Cafe serves up their own unique blends and roasts their coffee on site so each cup is as fresh as possible. Caramel Crisp Corner is a favorite but be warned, you won’t be able to resist their tasty pastries and baked goods. You can also satisfy your caffeine craving at Planet Perk in the heart of town or Pilora’s Cafe north of downtown.  


Learn About Science at MToxins

Hanging out with a bunch of venomous snakes may not be on the top of your itinerary, but a trip to MToxins is one of the most unique and interesting tours you’ll find. This lab works with some of the most harmful and deadly creatures in the world to extract venom to use for antivenoms and research. You can take a tour of the facilities and watch their trained scientists work with spiders, scorpions, snakes, and centipedes to extract venom. 


Bowling at The Howard

The Howard isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill bowling alley. Take the heart of the game and dress it up with gold and marble accents, chandeliers, and an overall grandeur atmosphere. That describes The Lanes at The Howard. This 21+ bowling alley is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours playing a game and sipping on delicious craft cocktails. 

Simply Sit Back & Relax

Take advantage of the chilly weather and sit back and relax at the Brayton Bed & Breakfast. Read a book by the fireplace, indulge with a luxurious bubble bath, or cuddle up with a cup of tea and simply do nothing. Don’t let a little cold front ruin your plans. You just get to experience a different part of Oshkosh! And with a comfy place to stay like Brayton B&B, you’ll be feeling cozy and relaxed in no time.