Our Favorite Museums in Oshkosh, WI

One of the best things to do on a chilly winter afternoon or a hot summer day is visit one of Oshkosh’s fascinating museums. From art to history and everything in between, Oshkosh has a museum that will excite anyone. Here are a few of our favorites around the town.


EAA Aviation Museum

The EAA Aviation Museum is definitely not one of Oshkosh’s best-kept secrets. People from all over the world know of the legendary museum with a collection of over 200 historic airplanes plus world class galleries and displays to educate guests on the rich aviation history of America. This museum should be on the top of everyone’s to-do list when visiting the area and is even worth multiple visits. Every time you go, you seem to find a new plane or piece of history that you overlooked before. Schedule a couple of hours to explore every nook and cranny of this museum; you won’t want to miss a thing. 


Military Veterans Museum

While the EAA Aviation Museum hosts a great amount of airplanes, helicopters, and airborne devices, the Military Veterans Museum pays homage to veterans and boasts an impressive collection of military artifacts. Learn about history through veteran stories and interactive exhibits that immerse you in the events that led us to where we are today. Some displays are dedicated to small arms and artillery while others honor native Wisconsinites that have gone above and beyond their roles. 


Oshkosh Public Museum

Just outside of downtown Oshkosh, you’ll see a beautiful brick estate peeking above a perfectly landscaped garden. That is none other than the Oshkosh Public Museum, a beautiful historic landmark that is filled with Oshkosh history. Inside this stunning architectural masterpiece lies collections ranging from letters and documents from early European immigrants to a collection called ‘Grandma’s Attic’ where guests can interact with historic items and artifacts. One of the prized pieces of the museum is the Apostle’s Clock, an old fashioned clock that at the top of each hour plays music as hand carved apostles circle Jesus.  


Paine Art Center & Gardens

Next door to the Oshkosh Public Museum, the Paine Art Center & Gardens is a surreal retreat in the heart of Oshkosh. Step inside the gates and you’ll be transported to a colorful oasis filled with blooming flowers and perfectly landscaped gardens. Inside the historic house, you’ll find the most impressive collection of art. Explore the collections and rotating exhibitions of classical art pieces and make sure to stop and gaze upon the ceiling every now and again as the home itself is an architectural masterpiece. 


Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass 

While technically in the neighboring town of Neenah, the Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass is so unique, it had to make the list. What started as a personal hobby by a local resident soon turned into one of the finest collections of antique paperweights in the world. After touring around the county, they found their permanent home back in Neenah along with other glass artifacts and antiques. Tour the collections and take a class to bring home a piece of the museum with you. From glass blowing beads to vases or designing something of your imagination, there are classes that will let you create your own masterpiece


Hit all of these museums and you’ll be an expert on the area in no time. History buffs love Oshkosh, but with exhibits this interesting and hands-on, these museums are fun for everyone. Plan your visit today and book a stay at the lovely Brayton Bed & Breakfast, where modern luxury meets historic style.