A Beer Lover’s Guide to Oshkosh’s Breweries

Whether you want something crisp and refreshing after a nice long bike ride, a day out on the water, or simply as an afternoon treat, you’ll love all of Oshkosh’s incredible breweries. Find a great spot for lunch or pick up a couple beers for a picnic on the water. 


Bare Bones Brewery

Just north of town off Highway 45 lies Bare Bones Brewery, a destination worth driving out of your way to. Opened in 2015, this brewery is most well known for its Oshkosh Lager, a classic easy-drinking beer that reminds us all of our roots. Throughout the year they produce a wide range of seasonal beers with locally made ingredients. You’ll find sweet and tart berry sours, IPAs with Western Michigan hops, and holiday-inspired brews for your next get together. 


Fifth Ward Brewing Company

Oshkosh has a rich history of beer with the original Fifth Ward Brewery dating back to the 1850s. The Fifth Ward Brewing Company that you see today isn’t the original one, but an homage to the roots of beer in Oshkosh. Started by a couple of UW-Oshkosh grads with a passion for brewing, Fifth Ward is a blend of new and old with a selection of beers that will satisfy any taste buds. 


Fox River Brewing

One of the most popular breweries around, Fox River Brewing should be at the top of your list. During the summertime, you can soak up the sun on their deck while enjoying a cold crisp beer brewed just a few feet away from your table. Since 1995, Fox River Brewing has been on the cutting edge of beer trends. Today you’ll find classics like their Blu and Red Bobbers along with seasonal specialties and their new line of hard seltzers. 


HighHolder Brewing

The smallest of Oshkosh’s four breweries, HighHolder Brewing is a name that few people know. But if you do know the name, then you know how desirable and delicious this true craft beer is. You can’t walk over to the convenience store and pick up a six-pack or stop by the brewery for a pint. Kegs of HighHolder beer appear at bars and taprooms across the town and vanish seemingly overnight as soon as the word gets out. One man, Mike Schlosser, makes all of the beer in his own 3 barrel-system that creates unique brews that take time and love to complete. You’ll have the best chance of finding a pint at O’Marro’s Public House, but if you see this name anywhere in town make sure to grab a glass. 


Lion’s Tail Brewing Company

Located right in downtown Neenah, this brewery is a great mid-way stop on your way from Green Bay or as a one-stop-shop for regional beer. In addition to their own craft beers, they also carry a wide selection of regional specialties. Grab a tasting flight and order a wood-fired pizza from Broken Tree Pizza for a great afternoon treat. 


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